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Haircut $55 - $80

Haircut service includes an in-depth consultation, full cut with clippers and/or shears, cleaning up the back of the neck(nape), drying and styling with products. Eyebrows cleaned/trimmed upon request. Shampoo/rinse if needed/requested.

Transformation // Haircut $75 - $105

This service is for anyone looking to drastically change their hair length/style from what they currently have. Everything that is included in our Haircut service will also be included in this service.

Back & Sides $40 - $55

Back & Sides service is when we use clippers and/or shears on the back & sides of the head up until the parietal ridge. The top is not touched.

Buzz $35

A buzz is one guard on the clipper all around the back, sides and top

Beard Trim $35

Clippers, trimmers and scissor work on the beard. Straight razor if needed.

Kid's Haircut $45 - $65

Only applies to children ages 12 and under.

Clean Up $20

A clean up consists of cutting around the sideburns, ears and the back of the neck (nape). This service is only available to walk-ins.

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