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We are an industry-owned shop. A community of individuals with different backgrounds and skills from salons to barbershops to house calls for private clientele,  who operate with each other in order to further their common goals and visions within the industry and for our clients.

Our mission at .Cartel Hair Studio is to create a community of artists and guests, who share a common vision to exceed the industry standard of barbering, hairdressing, styling and networking to start a new era, where it's not just about the haircuts or the beard trims or the hair colors and etc. but also about how you look and feel from head to toe, and how we can provide that is with the years of gained knowledge that we learned from teachers, colleagues, friends and clients that we can provide our clients and others in the industry.


We highly value the relationship between our brand / artist and the clients.  We feel that it's not just about how you look overall that is important, but also the personal relationships that we as a team can build with the clients.

We serve all. Our team is highly skilled to provide the best haircuts for men, women, and children. Our shop is tailored to be a an inclusive environment that welcomes our diverse clientele.  


Our vision at .Cartel Hair Studio is in the sharing of our aspiration for what we want for our clients and staff , the future of the industry and the continued success for our brand is to create an environment that allows for individuality, comfortability, and creativity to be center stage. We recruit the best talent and provide them with the education, resources, and leadership for continuous personal development. We are committed to making it possible for everyone at .Cartel Hair Studio to have not just a job, but a career that is both professionally and financially rewarding.

What Makes .Cartel Unique
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